Tuesday 17 January 2017

Gold Coast’s Authorised Motel Brokers

Are you planning to sell, buy or lease your motel or caravan parks or any other business accommodations and searching for the purchasers, then visit AB brokers is providing the professional brokers for all your purchases and vending of the caravan parks, motels and other similar properties. They have teams of professional brokers who can help you in dealing with Backpacker Sale/Lease, Resorts sales/lease, Motels Sales/lease and Caravan Parks sales/lease Management Rights QLD NSW VIC SA NT ACT which means throughout the East Coast of Australia including Queensland QLD, Northern Territory NT,  Victoria VIC, South Australia SA, New South Wales NSW and ACT Australian Capital Territory.

Selling and Buying Services of AB Brokers

They offer their brokers for both selling and buying the specific properties in the above mentioned areas. Their team of  brokers will helps you  while selling your motel or any other caravan parks, etc. to get more profits to their customers. They have contact with some industry  experts in legal, accounting and financial sectors to help you in legal proceeding and other helps. Their services backpackers, hotels, open homes, resorts, motels caravan parks and selling properties.


They provide the list of brokers in the related area of customer, according to the customer requirements in local areas of the customer, not only listing they also provide the professional broker, if needed to the customer. Their best services include the following
  • Caravan Parks for Sale
  • Caravan Parks for Lease
  • Backpackers for Sale
  • Motels for Lease
  • Management Rights for Sale
  • Resorts for Sale
  • Motels for Sale
AB Brokers is the leading company in providing the best brokers with years of experience and having the licensed by the concerned government and they have positive customer feedback  for their services. Their services are available within in the customer budget. For more details please visit http://www.abbrokers.com.au/listings

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